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You may be able to get to your favorite Turkish destination before you know it. This week, the Turkish government unveiled a list showing the date citizens of different countries can enter the country. The data show that Turkey will start opening its doors to tourists on June 1st.

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  • Germany: 15 June One of the first countries allowed to enter Turkey is Germany. German tourists make up a large part of the Turkish number of tourists.
  • The Netherlands: June 20: Dutch tourists also love Turkey for their holidays, and many settle in Turkey.
  • Ireland: June 22: An increasing number of Irish people arrive in Turkey as relations between Ireland and Turkey improve.
  • Australia: July 1: Australia’s response to COVID-19 has been effective, and Australians can fly to Turkey in just over a month.
  • china: July 1: Citizens from China are increasingly buying real estate in Turkey, and are expected to fly to Turkey in greater numbers in the coming months than ever before.
  • Russia: July 15: Russians also favor a holiday in Turkey and buy Turkish real estate on the Mediterranean coast.
  • India and Pakistan: July 10: Citizens from the Indian subcontinent will be able to visit Turkey in a few weeks.
  • UK: July 15: The UK is badly affected by the coronavirus, so Turkey is taking a cautious approach by allowing its citizens to enter. However, visitors from the UK are expected to return in large numbers, and Turkey is a favorite holiday and holiday destination.
  • France: August 1: France was another country severely affected by the coronavirus, and flights to Turkey will be weeks away.
  • Spain: August 1: The Spaniards are severely affected by the coronavirus, and flights from Spain to Turkey will resume in early August.
  • Italy: August 1: Italy’s population is devastated by a pandemic, but the country is now cautiously reopening.
  • US: September 1: One of the last countries allowed to enter Turkey, the United States has also been hit hard by the virus.

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Turkey Property Director Cameron Deggin said the opening of the country, which is only a few days away, reflects Turkey’s success in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the last two to three months, Turkey has proven to be able to cope very successfully with the coronavirus pandemic, with a low mortality rate compared to most of Europe,” Deggin said.

As Europe has suffered the brunt of the pandemic, Deggin has found himself in a growing number of inquiries about property in Turkey.

“Turkey seems to be an attractive, safe haven. I have spoken to potential home buyers in the US and across Europe who want to establish themselves in Turkey, as they have noticed that Turkey has an exceptional healthcare system. ”

Fear of increased taxation as hard-hit countries struggle to make up for economic losses is also a factor, Deggin says.

“They believe that the tax rates that Europe and the United States will increase with the decline of the economy and they want to extract money from the United States and Europe.”

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Deggin suggests potential buyers take advantage of current discounts. “The lira is still low, and developers are offering significant discounts to get the money back.

“With the continuation of flights, we expect a large increase in customers who are in a hurry for great offers. But until flights resume normally in September, it will be too late for some, for example, U.S. customers who will not be able to arrive in Turkey by the end of the summer. ”

To take advantage of current low prices, Property Turkey offered virtual tours, aimed at helping customers connect with some of the current bargains, he said.

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