Unemployed since 2020: Muzhameel and Koushal are found again


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Muzhameel Abdulla, 28 years old, Koushal Koonjul, 26 years old.

Muzhameel Abdulla, 28 years old, Koushal Koonjul, 26 years old.

Hired by Airmate in 2018, 28-year-old Muzhameel Abdulla and 26-year-old Koushal Koonjul thought they would start a clear career. However, two years later than Covid-19, “aircraft maintenance assistants” were quite aware of the disappointment. Contrary to the verbal agreement with the Air Mauritius subsidiary, their contract will be terminated.

For Muzhameel, who received technical training after him Cambridge School Certificate (SC), the information was difficult to digest, especially since he and his wife informed him a month earlier that they would be parents for the first time. “It simply came to our notice then. Especially since no one has been employed for months of the year. ” With the support of his wife and parents, a Vacoas resident decides to start his own car garage, which he calls Auto Muz. “My father’s words helped me a lot, especially financially.” The business is barely progressing when there was a new closure in March. “At that moment, the word fell apart.” A month later, his wife gives birth and the couple depends on it Workfare Program to support themselves.

Koushal, who lives in Dagotière, follows in Muzhameel’s footsteps when he learns he will be unemployed in November. “Like Muzhameel, I attended a training course at the Mauritius Institute and training development and gained three years of experience before being hired by Airmate. Despite all this, I could not find a job. I’m still looking to this day. “ Meanwhile, Koushal opens his car garage, but will suffer the same severe blow with other captives. “My mother and I lost our jobs because of Covid-19 in the same month last year and we depended on the income from the garage. It was very difficult because I could only work on the alphabetical system. ”

Nearly a year after losing their jobs, Muzhameel and Koushal are recovering from months of anxiety and uncertainty as they try to expand their business. Especially for Muzhameel, looking for a job elsewhere is out of the question. “I don’t want to relive the stress.” The word has more control. “ But Koushal, who has decided to postpone his private life because of his responsibilities, says he hopes to find more stable employment in the future.

The pandemic is still difficult to balance

According to the recent results of the National Bureau of Statistics, published earlier this month, 2,300 people joined the list of unemployed in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the first. Of these, 1,700 men and 600 women. In that period, the unemployment rate reached 10.5%. Between March 2020 and March 2021, 19,819 people lost their jobs in companies with 10 or more employees. These figures show that Covid-19 continues to ravage jobs. Note that the number of self-employed fell from 93,600 to 79,900 in the second quarter. The drop was probably caused by the last closure.

Who are the unemployed in the second quarter (April-June 2021)?

They are 54,800 (52% men, 48% women); 30,000 (55%) are single and 9,700 (18%) are household heads; 6,300 (11%) are older than 50 years; 32,100 (59%) have no SC or equivalent; 19,400 (35%) have not worked for more than a year, and 36,000 (66%) have professional experience.

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