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Turkish Airlines

In a statement issued by Turkish Air’s press service, they proudly announced at the Air Cargo News Awards 2020 that Turkish Cargo, which is a subsidiary (THY) of Turkish Airlines, has been named the best cargo airline in Europe. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the award had to be held almost for the first time in history.

Notice of winners

Winners at the awards ceremony were under strict scrutiny in which supply chain experts voted on the quality, efficiency, speed, innovation and vision of all shortlisted candidates.

Ilker Aci, Chairman of Turkish Airlines, included his views in the company’s statement, saying: “Our Turkish Cargo brand, which has been awarded the best air cargo brand in Europe, continues to make our country proud by achieving sustainable success with its air cargo operations. take place all over the world. ”

He also noted that even through this time and current crisis, “Turkish Cargo is producing more efficient solutions with new technologies and innovative approaches that it uses and develops and continues its success during the challenging pandemic process.”

SmartIST Air Freight

Aci explained that SmartIST is one example of how their company approaches things. SmartIST is one of the most modern and largest airlines in the world. Due to SmartIST technology, the use of robotic automation and optimization, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles at the new Istanbul airport, is planned.

Congratulating air cargo employees on their vital roles that have played an important role in the company’s success, Aci said: “Our brand will achieve much more success with its smart technology and digitization work.”

The fastest growing air cargo brand in the world

Turkish Cargo is the fastest growing Air Cargo brand that has continued to operate and continues across the global COVID-19 pandemic. He was responsible for delivering relief materials, food, medicine, and PPE, including masks and medical equipment, to the entire world, and they did so on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency and ensure that there was no disruption in the global pharmaceutical supply chain. . The carrier is responsible for at least one of the twenty deliveries worldwide.

Turkish Cargo can reach more than 300 destinations, of which 95 are direct loads. Turkish Cargo is the largest network of direct cargo aircraft and will provide excellent day and night services globally.

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