Three stores: hungry and aggressive monkeys terrorize residents


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In search of food, monkeys bite on cell phones and remote controls that they steal.

In search of food, monkeys bite on cell phones and remote controls that they steal.

Residents of the Trois boutique are saturated with the invasion of signs. They complained to the Ministry of Agroindustry, which placed cages on the roofs of houses. But that doesn’t mean cages prevent monkeys from wreaking havoc.

They robbed everything in their path and stole food, but also laptops, which is why the residents of this locality see all the colors.

This invasion began about two months ago, when five monkeys landed in the village and wandered from house to house in search of food. They even attacked residents and stole their cell phones, which they chewed before throwing them away. Frustrated by the situation, residents repeatedly alerted authorities and went to the police station. As a solution, cages have been placed on the roofs, but so far no monkeys have fallen into the trap. “It is a frustrating situation. For two months, the monkeys stole our clothes, cell phones, and shoes. We are no longer free at home. We have warned the authorities several times, but the situation is getting worse. “, explains Arvesh Dabee, a resident of the region. Daren Appadoo, another resident, no longer knows whether to laugh or cry. “Mo asté linz mo astésoulier, zaco rant kotmwa vinn kokin.Kan mo dirsa dimoune, zot riy mwa.Me mwa mo konn mo soufrans kan zako pé kokin mo bann zafer.En n ladan in meme mord mo mama», Underlines the young man.

“Be in an unbearable situation”

Within two months, the monkeys stole two of his laptops. “Zordi, (Ed: yesterday, Friday), the world picks up the phone or Cimin. La nu pu bizin al geter pu ki sanla sa, telman zot pe kokin portable zot zété. It is an unsustainable situation. “, claims Pamela Chengadoo.

It wasn’t until Wednesday that Sheila Appadoo was the victim of a nasty surprise when she returned home. Her house was overturned, and there was also an indescribable mess in her bathroom. “Lessing destroys everything in their path. We are afraid to leave windows and stern open. Even when we are at home, they come back and attack us. ” she said, tired of this situation. Sheila Appadoo’s husband adds that on Tuesday, the monkey returned home for who knows how many times, and this time he stole the remote control and tore off his wife’s glasses, attacking her.

According to the source, since the trees were felled in Richeen-Eau, the monkeys have begun to leave their habitat to get closer to the houses. We asked for a version from the agro-industry official, but he did not want to comment.

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