The Brigitte Bardot Foundation writes Pravind Jugnauth


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In a letter dated October 8, sent to Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, with a copyAttorney General, Maneesh Gobin, director Mauritius Animal Welfare Society (MSAW), Julien George and British MP Lisa Cameron, Brigitte Bardot Foundation discuss practice “Catch and kill” stray dogs in Mauritius.

Pointing out that, despite the assurances of the Mauritian and Maneesh Gobin governments, in a letter dated 3 May this year to the Foundation, this practice continues to take place in the country, by MSAW. “For example, dogs are always caught in strategic places and killed immediately.” The Brigitte Bardot Foundation says it understands precautions, but finds it unacceptable to kill these dogs.

He suggests that captured dogs be placed in foster care immediately after they are caught in the MLSW network. It also calls on the Mauritian Government to amend Article 41 (6) (a) of the Animal Welfare Act 2013 as soon as possible, which stipulates that any dog ​​caught at an airport, port or hospital must be euthanized.

As a reminder, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation is a French animal welfare foundation known in 60 countries. About 70,000 donors, 600 delegates and volunteer researchers are listed. It is governed by a board of directors overseen by three ministries in France, the Ministry of the Interior, the Environment and Agriculture.

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