Spor pou lekor: Sports for mocking drugs


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They were sweating. This, in order for young people to gain a taste for physical activities, so that some do not sink into the hell of drugs. Pascal Laroulette, Emmeline Potié, Yvan Luckhun and Jean-Jacques Lafrance embarked on the Spor Pou Lekor expedition, on a 100 km long trail, from Chamarel, which will end on August 29 in Pieter. Even if Mother Nature was playing sports, and the trip had to be postponed until October 2, the adventure paid off. Lilian Eymeric, the oldest, and Jean-Jacques Lafrance, the youngest, give up. Jean-Jacques Lafrance, 14, is a student at Lorette College in Bambous-Virieux. This is the first time a teenager has participated in such a physically intense adventure. “I have already climbed several mountains, but I have never tried such a course.The game was worth the candle. What a pleasure it is to see the pride shine in the eyes of his parents, when they learned that he would travel 100 km on foot and by bicycle to teach young people about the harmfulness of drugs. “This adventure has allowed me to learn many things, such as perseverance, team spirit and sharing. Since I was the youngest, I made an effort to be with my friends when needed. For example, I exchanged bags with others when they had back pain. ”

Lilian Eymeric is an ‘old rider’ in the field of sports challenges. This French, 53-year-old professional swimmer, founded in Mauritius since 2013, is credited with several significant sporting challenges. We remember his 236-kilometer swim, over three days and two nights, between Mauritius and Reunion in November 2016, to raise funds for the T1 Diams association, which helps children on the island. Maurice, who suffers from type 1 diabetes. Such a feat allowed him to break the world record. However, while swimming, Lilian Aymeric feels like a fish in water, as far as land challenges are concerned, it was his first time. “Pascal Laroulette, whom I know very well, asked me to join him in this challenge. He told me that they needed … Ecologically committed and how I wanted to help educate young people about the harmfulness of drugs, I accepted. ” Challenge fulfilled, bet succeeded for this team with high morale.

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