Saleh: Iraq is recovering … and corruption is a scourge that threatens Arab countries


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It can be a picture of one personBaghdad / Obelisk: The President of the Republic Barham Salih received the Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Ministers of Justice, the heads of the Arab Judicial Councils, representatives of organizations and legal entities participating in the International Conference on Recovery of Stolen Funds in Baghdad.

Saleh welcomed guests in Baghdad and their presence at a conference on the recovery of looted funds, where he indicated that Iraq was recovering and that its presence was important in the region, and that its absence for many years did not play its necessary role in the region due to wars. and other people’s conflicts is a cause of regret, which has had a negative impact on Arab countries and the region, pointing out that Iraq’s recovery and strength is a recovery and strength for the entire region.

During the meeting, Saleh stressed the importance of the conference to recover looted funds, noting that a major problem facing Iraq and many of our countries is the problem of corruption that erodes our systems, as it represents the political economy of violence and terrorism, noting that ISIS and other terrorist organizations adopted a lot. Corrupt money to perpetuate.

He said that the Presidency of the Republic has submitted a draft law on the return of income from corruption, which includes proactive and dissuasive practical measures, and subsequent steps to recover funds for corruption through working mechanisms based on concluding agreements with countries, strengthening cooperation with specialized international organizations and bodies. and benefit from successful global experiences to combat this phenomenon.

He added that corruption is a phenomenon that transcends sects, nationalities and borders, and is an interconnected and interdependent system, and much of the violence that has befallen Iraq is linked to networks of financial corruption, smuggling and illegal trade, noting that the fight against extremism and terrorism establishing pillars of stability in the country can only face the corruption we have faced. to terrorism.

He stressed that the world is being asked to deal with the file of corruption and illegal wealth, just as the file of terrorism was dealt with militarily, explaining that one of the main reasons for what happened in Afghanistan was corruption that hit the Afghan regime. .

Saleh stressed the need for consensus and an Arab, regional and international working context in the fight against this dangerous scourge, expressing hope that the results of the Baghdad Conference on Recovery of Looted Funds will translate into practical results and legal and real procedures, noting that Iraq’s success in this effort to positively impact the entire region.

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