Reopening Borders – Pamplemousses Botanical Garden: Turtle Eye


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Does this turtle look away from seeing the clutter that reigns in some places in his garden?

Does this turtle look away from seeing the clutter that reigns in some places in his garden?

The first tourists arrived on October 1 after more than 18 months, to the delight of operators in the sector. While hotels and merchants have been preparing for a long time, discovering the flora and fauna of the country is very popular. How the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden was organized, which was appreciated by strangers and lovers looking for it “A small reliable base for relaxation” ??

Thursday, October 7, 1:30 pm We are at the entrance to the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden near the parking lot. The coconut dealer is already full and we quickly realize he has a range of good deals. “Tourists don’t come and go like rain.” Zoli for us », he would tell us, before the English family approached him. As soon as we cross the entrance, the cleanliness amazes us. The ticket booth has been redesigned and looks great in white. We immediately realize that everything is done for the comfort of tourists.

However, it will only be short-lived. An employee approaches us and interrupts our daydreaming. “Zoli for a name?” Make good money. Be in you for ten months », throws us before we leave. This intriguing and frightening sentence captures our attention and we decided to take a closer look at it. The garden is full of tourists. The first scene leaves us speechless. Once the green surface is all brown, covered with stacked dry leaves.

The condition of these rotten leaves immediately lets us know that the pile is not new. Furthermore, samadhi author Sir Anerood Jugnauth attracts our attention. The condition of the glass box leaves something to be desired. Cracked windows and drops of water on the ceiling do not go unnoticed. This picture is just the beginning of what we will discover later.

Who says that the botanical garden Pamplemousses says that the lake is a water lily, once the leading place of this green space. Disaster: muddy water filled with dead water lilies does not go unnoticed. The weed has taken its place in the middle of the trough that once immortalized the first kisses or the first love rake. Today, this is a good rake that this basin needs and more. Trees felled and left behind here and there. Tourists who come to visit this place look confused and we can hear a couple in the distance talking to each other: “I never thought this place would be like this.” Yes, it helps to have talents veyer win. The tractor does not stop back and forth filled with dead leaves, while the loader in the distance scrapes the leaves to load the tractor.

How did we get here?

An employee who sees our cameras decides to surrender to us on condition of anonymity. “We are not motivated, the management is not good. The nenuphar washbasin we crave for cleaning and even memory equipment. We pay 300 rupees and we work for 300 rupees. He compares our work of 300 rupees with the work of a contractor earning 1200 rupees a day. In three years the garden will be completed if our administration is not raised. ”

This is enough to put our ideas back in place. Still, we will be glad to see a few tourists who have engraved their initials on a tree, and in the distance a basin with pretty white ducks. Can we get closer to him? Not because it might be a swan … Sign that it’s time to go.

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