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Gender neutrality: there is no difference in salaries

The authors of the report insist that they have always, to the best of their ability, taken a gender-neutral approach. Only some positions in the health sector and in the police require a difference. The report also highlights the fact that there is no pay gap between men and women in the recommendations.

Better conditions for employees with disabilities

Employees with disabilities can now benefit from better targeted conditions recommended in the PRB report. The authors of the report believe that, as far as possible, this category of civil servants should benefit from Scheme Work from home when possible. They will be given 15 minutes of flexibility each day to get to and from the office. Compensation for their transportation will be made according to the most practical route, not according to the most economical solution. The report encourages the government to invest in appropriate infrastructure that promotes an integrated approach. A residence fee Rs 7,500 will be allocated per month Senior officers according to their functions.

Salary overview: the use of private consultants is discouraged

The report mentions the fact that several public organizations have used private consultants to review their salaries and working conditions when this is usually the responsibility of the PRB. The authors find that their task is further complicated because the recommendations of private consultants must be taken into account before making their own recommendations. Situation “empire” when some employees refuse to apply the recommendations of the PRB and others accept them, two categories of civil servants are created. The report considers this to be an unfair situation and recommends that ministries and public organizations avoid resorting to such practices.

Desire for better industrial relations

PRB officials have learned that relations between the leadership of some organizations and unions often remain strained. For them, these conflicts negatively affect the smooth performance of activities within organizations and do not affect a healthy work environment. This is why recommendations are being made to increase the number of consultations between the two sides.

Application of recommendations in practice

During the consultations for the drafting of the PRB report, the unions reported that some organizations did not implement the report’s recommendations. A situation that causes frustration among staff. To remedy this, a new report proposes the establishment of a Standing Committee dedicated, under the auspices of the Ministry of Civil Service and Public Service Renewal. The Board will be responsible for resolving such issues.

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