Less than half of wage adjustments in August were below the INPC


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The study also shows that the September review already reflects a decline in inflation, with 63.5% of the adjustment above inflation

Less than half (43.4%) of wage adjustments negotiated in August were below the national index of consumer prices (INPC), and 30.2% of adjustments were above. For the third consecutive month, the median adjustment was associated with an accumulated INPC of 10.1%. The average threshold, in turn, was R$1,390, 14.7% above the minimum wage.

The data is included in the Salariómetro – Labor Market and Collective Bargaining Bulletin, published monthly by the Foundation for Economic Research (Fipe), which is available this Thursday (22).

The study also shows that the September review already reflects a fall in inflation, with 63.5% of the adjustment above inflation, so far.

The entity warns that the results of the review are subject to fluctuations and may change with the inclusion of more instruments. By the time the review was closed, only 52 instruments had been tabulated.

Another data shows that in the analyzed period, 192 instruments, whether agreements or conventions, were signed, with adjustments. In the year, a total of 12,621 negotiations. In the analysis by sector, the jewelry industry had a median real adjustment of 0.93%, considering the period from January to August. The worst result is the workers of news agencies, who had a negative real adjustment average of 3.92%, that is, they did not recover inflation.


Monitoring of collective bargaining is done through agreements and conventions deposited on the website of the mediator of the Ministry of Economy. Fipe collects data and information available from intermediaries, tabulating and organizing the values ​​observed for 40 results of collective bargaining, broken down into agreements and conventions and by economic activities and economic sectors.

The mean values ​​and medians of the collected results are not weighted by the number of covered workers, because this information is not available in the text of agreements and conventions deposited with intermediaries.


The values ​​of the negotiation results published in the Boletim Salariómetro may be subject to revision in future editions due to the incorporation of agreements and conventions that have not yet been deposited in the Mediator (MT).

With information from Agência Brasil

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