“It is unfortunate that you want to belittle a woman for emphasizing her sexuality,” Yasmin Brunet said in a statement.


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Model Yasmin Brunet went to social media and posted a statement defending herself from the attacks she received this week.

Family fight! Yasmin Brunet is married to professional surfer Gabriel Medina and since the beginning of the relationship many controversies have been a part of the couple’s life. But what caught the attention of Gabriel and Yasmina’s followers and fans were the prints of Medina’s mother’s conversation, in which she hints she has a video, in which her daughter-in-law has oral sex with a man.

The prints were published by columnist Leo Dias. In them, Simone Medina insulted Yasmin and her mother Louise Brunet.
Faced with her embarrassment and accusations from her mother-in-law, Yasmin decided to speak out on her social media. In a statement, Yasmin Brunet states that there is no reason to be ashamed and that she decided to make this statement out of respect for her fans and her husband.

She also cites an alleged homo-affective relationship, accusing her mother-in-law in one of the published prints, and points out, “Another lie created to attack me would relate to an alleged homo-affective relationship. It’s as if living in love offends me … “

He concludes: “And I only go public because Gabriel and I are tired of these speculations of our lives. And to end these speculations and creations, which are a pathetic attempt to attack my part. With or without video, with or without a same-sex relationship, I, all women and all LGBTQIA + people deserve respect! ”

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