Heritage: a former governor’s station in Réduit in a subway finder


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The historic building is now in poor condition.

The historic building is now in poor condition.

Another remnant of the rail that will give way to the express subway? As the Phase 3 project that will link Reduced to Rose-Hill begins, a small tin structure awaits to be repaired to its fate. This is a former governor’s station, located on the university campus, not far from the Octave Wiehe auditorium. We are not far from the Château du Réduit.

A site visit was made last week. It brought together various officials from the Department of Arts and Cultural Heritage, including Minister Avinash Teelucka. As well as the heads of the Ministry of Transport, Housing, those from Metro Express Limited (MEL), don’t son Chief Executive Officer, Das Mootanah and representatives of the contractors, Larsen & Toubro.

On the spot, the noise of the machines woke up this abandoned structure. Although linked to history, the former governor’s station is not classified as a national heritage site. As such, it is not protected National Heritage Fund Act 2003.

After this visit, at the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage, it is clear that during the study of the site, “For its possible restoration.” Will this dilapidated structure collapse? “We do not know exactly. It will all depend on the subway route. We will need to see what impact this route will have on the location and if the impact is significant, how can we protect the building. We study the possibilities. ”

“Dilapidated condition”

MEL, for its part, indicates that it is an old station “In a somewhat dilapidated condition.” Is this building on the subway route? Will it be preserved? MEL’s communications department emphasizes this “We looked at the possibilities and discussed the most appropriate solution for the rehabilitation of this building, taking into account the advice of the Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage. This will require the cooperation and contribution of the relevant ministries, we are working in that direction. ”

For its part, the SOS Patrimoine en Peril regrets that it was not invited to consult various stakeholders regarding the former governor’s station. “We have drawn attention to this historical structure.” For this association of heritage defenders, the station of the former governor “It’s just one of the structures that will be affected by the Réduit metro project.”. He wonders if the promoters conducted a study on the impact of the works on other historic buildings on the route.

In time, the steps of the hewn stone were seen by many people passing by. Trains traversed the island for an entire century, from 1864 to 1964. It was from this small station that the governor – who left the Château du Réduit, which is very close – took a train to Port Louis or other destinations. The structure was later converted into a post office when trains stopped running in 1964. The railways were cut because they were unprofitable. Comme Réduit has mail “modern”, the old building remained abandoned.

Unsuccessful attempts to classify this building

The University of Mauritius (UM) has several attempts to protect the former governor’s station in Réduit. This possibility was considered when Indurlall Fagoonee was the Vice-Rector of the United Nations. A budget for reconstruction is available, but the project fails. In September 2015, Romila Mohee was Vice-Rector at Réduit. She appealed to the Ministry of Arts to declare the old station a national heritage. UCG then plans to turn the former governor’s station into “Teaching Museum”.

In Mahébourg: the wagon of the former governor was also abandoned

It wasn’t just the old governor’s station that suffered the wear and tear of time. In the courtyard of the Mahébourg Museum, an old personalized wagon on which the occupants of the Château du Réduit boarded watch the years go by. And they don’t give him a present.

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