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The Ghurtan Citadel is built on an area of ​​five hectares, made of mud, and includes 14 watchtowers, two gates on the north and south sides of the citadel and many historical monuments, such as three mosques, two castles and a bazaar. No one knows the exact date of the Ghurtan citadel. But according to the locals, the fort dates from 429-439. In the year of the new era, when Bahram V ruled. Due to its many historical monuments, the Ghurtan Citadel is one of the tourist attractions in Iran.

Ghurtan Citadel

The Ghurtan Citadel is located near the Zayandehrud River on the south side and the desert on the north side. Therefore, this area benefits from the stunning desert landscape and fascinating history of civilizations around the river. An integral part of the Zayandehrud water was squeezed from the south side of the citadel and then rejoined it. There are two views on why they built a citadel near the river. Ghurtan Fortress was built on the coastal slopes of the river to protect one side of the castle from invaders. It can occur accidentally due to changes in the direction of the river. The most famous castle within the Ghurtan citadel is Nawab Castle, which was built before the time of the citadel construction in the early Islamic period. You can see the remains of a 2,000-square-meter mosque, located 200 meters southwest of the Ghurtan Citadel and on the edge of the Zayandehrud River. The majesty of the mosque is represented by the large multitude of the Ghurtan citadel and the emphasis on religious rites during the construction period.

  • What is the best time to leave?
    All spring, October, November and December are the best times to visit the Ghoortan Citadel.

  • How to get there?
    Ghurtan Citadel is located in Isfahan Province. The distance between Tehran and the Ghurtan citadel is about 500 kilometers, and it takes approximately six hours. You can get there via Tehran-Qom, the Persian Gulf Highway and the Kashan-Natanz Road (toll road).

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