Four injured in Texas high school shooting, suspect arrested


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(NewsNation Now) – Four people were injured in a shooting at a high school in Texas, and the suspect was arrested after a brief search.

The shooting at Timberview High School, located in Arlington but belonging to a school district in neighboring Mansfield, resulted from a fight that broke out in the classroom, Arlington Police Assistant Chief of Staff Kevin Kolbye said at a news conference.

As of Wednesday night, a 15-year-old boy was in critical condition after being hit, a 25-year-old man was in good condition after suffering gunshot wounds, and a third person, identified as a teenager, was taken care of for minor scratches and fired. from the hospital, police said. A fourth person was injured but did not need hospital treatment.

Police previously reported that the three victims were Timberview students and the other may have been a teacher. One of the victims was pregnant, police said.

Timothy George Simpkins (Credit: Arlington Police Dept.)

“This is not an accidental act of violence,” Arlington Assistant Chief of Police Kevin Kolbye told a news conference. “This is not someone attacking our school.”

Arlington police arrested Simpkins on Wednesday afternoon. He was sentenced to three points in prison in Arlington for a severe attack with a deadly weapon, and he was kept on $ 75,000 bail. Police said they found the gun, but are working to confirm that the weapon was used.

Parents waited in the meeting room to meet with their children. But Ontario Hewitt, who has ninth-grade twins, waited outside one of their classroom windows to make sure he was safe. His second son had already been evacuated.

“I’m a prayer, I believe in Jesus, so I started praying first and hoping my kids were safe,” Hewitt said.

The Mansfield Independent School District said students and staff were locked in classrooms or offices after the shooting.

Hewitt said he received a message from his sons that the school was locked, and saw developments on social media.

High School is about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas. Timberview serves about 1,900 students from ninth to 12th grade. The spacious complex was opened in 2004.

The shooting happened just days after a shooting at a charter school in Houston in which an administrator was injured. The deadliest shooting at a school in Texas happened in May 2018, when a 17-year-old man armed with a shotgun and a gun opened fire on Santa Fe High School near Houston, killing 10 people, most of whom were students.

This story is evolving. Refresh for development.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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