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Love them or hate them, face masks have become a symbol of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the use of protective masks is controversial and a topic of heated debate, more and more countries are passing laws requiring citizens to wear face masks while outside. Turkey is no exception.

Should I wear a face mask in Turkey?

About a month ago, due to the number of COVID cases, which began to rise again, the Turkish government passed a law requiring everyone over the age of two to wear a face mask in public.

This is especially important in places where social distancing is impossible: for example, at gatherings and on public transport.

As with any rule, there are a few people who will choose to ignore the law and be left without a mask. But those who leave home without a protective cover are fined 900 TL ($ 131).

Where should I wear a face mask in Turkey?

In short, you will come across a crowd anywhere.

  • Businesses including shops, restaurants, bars, lounges, cinemas.
  • Museums and sights.
  • Sports facilities like stadiums and gyms.
  • Outdoor places like beaches and parks.
  • In public transport.
  • When you are in a vehicle with others. This includes personal vehicles as well as taxis.

In some parts of the country, for example, Mugla, which includes Bodrum and Fethiye, the laws are even stricter, so you will have to wear a mask every time you are out of the house.

Can I wear a face mask somewhere in Turkey?

There are very few exceptions to the rule. You can remove the face mask:

  • While sitting in a restaurant, cafe or bar.
  • While swimming or swimming by the pool on a sun lounger on the beach.

However, the general rule is that you should apply a face mask.

If Turkey’s answer works, why are face masks needed?

When Turkey reopened for business a month or two ago – opening the doors of shopping malls, mosques and other public buildings – the number of coronavirus cases began to rise. An increasing number have encouraged swift government action, including strict adherence to social distance and hand washing, and the mandatory use of face masks.

A month later, cases in Turkey are falling again, but authorities remain on high alert for points like outdoor gatherings coming with warm weather and festivals like Kurban Bayram.

Tips for wearing a face mask

  • Clean and dry your hands before putting the mask on your nose and mouth and attaching it with ties or loops.
  • Make sure the mask adheres well and forms on your face and around your nose, completely covering your nose, mouth and chin.
  • Do not touch the mask while wearing it: this means that there is no adjustment or pulling under the chin.
  • When you remove it, dispose of it safely, then wash your hands immediately.
  • Replace the mask if it gets dirty or damp.
  • Never share face masks with others or with small children or with those who cannot remove them without help.

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