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Have you ever been in a situation where you have to clean your home urgently? Um … I do this often because I hate cleaning. Here’s my house cleaning routine that takes me about 30 -45 minutes to finish. Don’t forget to take my free house cleaning checklist at the end.

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I don’t hate cleaning, but I do I hate that when I have to do it Every. Single. Dan! The same repeated a set of things.

Make the bed … The dishes are always there. Where did all this clutter on the tables come from? Pillows on the couch always slide … how many times do i need to fix them ?!

Its boring. House cleaning is boring. Someone else is making a mess and I have to clean it up!

A speed of 30 minutes cleans up your home routine

I tried to have fun listening to audio books or podcasts while I was cleaning … but soon I got tired of it too. Also, while I was casually listening to books and cleaning, I dragged work all day. Also…

Cleaning the home while managing a small baby and toddler is difficult.

So one day I made a list of all the things I have to do.

I now have older children (my youngest is 7 years old as I write this), but back then my children were just babies and small children. I had a system for doing kitchen chores quickly, but cleaning the house with small children is a challenge.

I would put the smallest one in her gym for activities, and the older one would follow me. When my kid was home from school, I would turn him on. I gladly got involved because I used the word ‘help’. (If you have a preschooler, I hope you try this trick. Children 3-5 years old like to be called “helpers.”)

This cleaning routine is now part of my Stay Home routine. While working from home, it helps me save time, and even with educating children at home, I find this to be the best way to get them involved while still being productive.

My daily house cleaning routine

I’m a big fan of gamifying things to make them fun. So, cleaning my home is a 10 step method. It helps motivate me to get things done, and my kids enjoy helping because they see me cleaning in such a fun way.

I share my step by step, room according to the way the room is cleaned, in the checklist form at the end of this post. Be sure to grab it!

But before you start, I want you to remember a few things.

  • This is MY way of quick cleaning. I share this only as an example.
  • It takes me 30-45 minutes to clean, but it could take you longer or less, depending on how big or small your home is.
  • Please do not condemn my cleansing. This post is not for rating.
  • How dirty my or YOUR home is will depend more on how many children you have and how old they are, and also how small your home is. It has nothing to do with how much has passed since the last cleaning. (Yes, knowing he took so much stress off my mind! Why did I have to figure it out myself ??!))
  • Also, this is not a method for deep clean your house. It’s just one way to make sure your home is “ready for guests,” not CHAOS (There can be no one else)!

Tips for moms on maintaining a tidy and tidy home

Something I learned in a very difficult way is to remember that “good enough” is better than “perfectly clean”. No one has perfect homes. No one even expects us to have the perfect home.

Whether you have a perfect home or a good enough home, your mother will continue to judge you. If you are condemned by people other than your mother, they have no right to do so. Do yourself a favor, ignore them!

Clean home mom motivation cleaning quote

Also, I don’t clean my home every day. When I gave birth, I would do it twice a week – on Monday and Friday. I also have a cleaning calendar for more regular cleaning. I clean the oven, bathrooms and floors on certain days.

Golden rule: Never head EAST!

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This cleaning list below is my daily cleaning routine.

How to clean a house in 30 minutes or less.

Before you begin, I want to remind you that if you really want to clean your house faster, you need to move fast while you work.

Just keep going. Don’t stop. If you want, you can keep a timer on your watch, phone, or even use a kitchen timer. I like the kitchen timer more because it emits a beating sound that makes me run! (She’s also working on starting my kids!)

So, move fast and start step by step like this:

1. Start the laundry.

Before I start cleaning the house, the first thing I do is turn on the washing machine. I start with a pile of laundry, quickly wipe the sink in the bathroom with a disinfectant wipe or two, and then go out to do everything else.

2. Take the dirty dishes.

Grab dishes, cups, mugs and glasses from all over the house and put them in the sink or if you have a dishwasher, just put everything in. Don’t forget to check the counters and the top of the oven. Maybe a spoon or fork is lying somewhere, take that too.

3. Clean the kitchen.

Take a brush or sponge and wipe the oven and countertops to the floor. Then take a broom, clean the whole kitchen and use a pan to throw out the trash. Remember to move fast.

4. Clean your entrance.

The first place I always start cleaning is the entrance because that’s the first thing my husband sees when he walks in. I’ll get my shoes back soon. Choose any clothes and bags – if there are any, and put them back where they belong. Just move fast while getting things in order.

5. Sort the living room.

Take a large basket and a garbage bag as you enter the rooms. Fix pillows, arrange books, arrange decorations. Pick up things from the couch and throw them in the basket if they belong to other rooms. For toys, I think it’s best to have a basket with wheels to collect things. Do not vacuum yet.

6. Clean the dining room.

Wipe and trim the table as you go. Push the chairs. Pick up everything that is underneath and cannot fit in a vacuum. Do not vacuum yet.

7. Sort the master bedroom.

Make a bed. Arrange a side table. Return the clothes. If something belongs to another room, put it in the basket. If you have trash, put it in a plastic bag. Do not vacuum yet.

8. Clean the children’s room.

If your kids are anywhere like me, you know the kids bedroom is the biggest in the house.

When we were little, we would clean it twice a day and I would make sure their sleep routine included cleaning, but these days I just walk into the room and they know to join me as soon as possible!

We start by putting away clothes and then books. Then they have to pick out the toys until mom makes their bed (that they aren’t that morning). Then I take the vacuum cleaner.

I always start with the children’s room because it makes them pick up bigger trash and smaller toys. (Maybe I’m so a little evil that I secretly instill fear in children’s hearts!) Anyway, we vacuum the floors quickly and then move into my bedroom.

9. Vacuum the whole house.

Like I said before, I like to start with a children’s bedroom. Then I do my bedroom, living room, entrance, and then the dining room, because I have to move the chairs and touch the corners. Sometimes I vacuum the bathroom too.

10. Take out the trash.

Empty the vacuum cleaner in the trash can. You have a plastic garbage bag from the rooms, so don’t forget that. Just bind and take out.

That’s it! You have a clean home! Wasn’t that fun?

Let’s summarize very quickly. My way to quickly clean your home is:

My stay at home My mom’s cleaning routine is:

  1. Start laundry and drag the bathroom
  2. Take the dishes and start the dishwasher
  3. Clean the kitchen and counters
  4. Clean the entrance
  5. Arrange your living room
  6. Arrange the dining room
  7. Decorate your bedroom
  8. Clean the children’s room
  9. Vacuum the whole house
  10. Take out the trash.

I made it very easy to remember my cleaning routine by making a checklist out of it. Not only does it help me, but even my kids can use it to clean the house on their own. If you want to print that too. Fill out the form below and I will send it to you.

Ready to create simple home systems that work?

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