Bureau of Payment Research: Report published in the coming days


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It’s just a matter of days. The report of the Institute for Wage Research (PRB) will be published. It is returned to us that the part of the said report, which especially refers to parastatal bodies, has already been printed, and that is the part concerning the employees of the ministries which will be in the press soon, before it is delivered to the Prime Minister’s office.

All suggest that the report could be reviewed by the Council of Ministers on 15 or 22 October. A special government meeting may be held to study the report.

Since Pravind Jugnauth is due to leave the country by October 31 to attend a United Nations conference on climate change in Scotland, he could publish the report himself, as has often been the case in the past, when former prime ministers had the ‘privilege’ of publishing content. URŽ reports, first hand.

For trade unionists, there is no doubt that the report must be published within ten days.. “There is no excuse for further postponement of publication”, supports Radhakrishna Sadien of the Alliance of State and Other Employees (SEF). What are the expectations of the public service unions? For Radhakrishna Sadien, we must take into account not only the amount of the proposed increases, but also the working conditions. He believes that civil servants will be invited to make their contribution to the General Social Contribution (CSG). “The same is true with the fact that the PRB does not provide right-wing and right-wing army officers …”»

The SEF president also argues that the issue of retroactivity must be considered. He reminds that the officials have already received an advance of 1,000 Rs from January 2020, and that that amount will be deducted after the report is in force. However, he reminds that those who retired in 2020 risk being punished this year as well.

Narendranath Gopee, president of the Federation of Civil Service and other unions, for his part argues that expectations are high among civil servants and parastatal employees.

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