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The popular Turkish newspaper recently reported that experts think Brexit will have a positive effect on the country when it comes to the tourist number in Turkey. They came to this conclusion because there will be more procedures for British visitors who want to travel within EU countries than for British ones who travel to Turkey.

British travelers visit EU after Brexit

Post-Brexit for UK travelers means more expensive air travel costs, new visa requirements (although it will be a different type), longer queues for navigation passports, fewer health insurance benefits and more expensive insurance in general. In comparison, travelers from Great Britain can enter Turkey extremely easily.

A report by Deloitte, a consulting firm of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents), indicated that the difference between the British pound sterling against the euro would be affected differently in EU member states and non-EU countries. it must reflect on the tourism industry as a whole.

New regulations come into force

The new regulations are expected to have an impact on duty-free shopping, car rental and travel with pets, and this will affect British tourists with experts who expect this to push British travelers in favor of non-EU countries. Due to the “all-inclusive” prices that Turkey can offer to foreign tourists, the number of British tourists and Turkish property buyers has already been steadily increasing in recent years.

Increasingly popular Turkish Riviera

In general, tourists from Britain are more attracted to the southwest coast of Turkey, as well as the Mediterranean resort on the Turkish Riviera, Antalya. These have become the first places in Turkey among tourists with travelers to enjoy: golf courses, luxury shopping malls, fully equipped 5-star hotels, miles of long sandy beaches and hundreds of historical sites and monuments that the country has to offer.

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