As South Sydney close in on an unlikely grand final, Latrell Mitchell is becoming a rugby league superhero


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Imagine, for a moment, that you are a child again.

You’re standing in your backyard, or in the yard, or down at the local oval, just like it used to be.

There is also football with you. Feel it in your hands. You pass it and kick it, and you end up dreaming with it.

You dream that it’s a big game, maybe even a big final day, and the minutes turn into seconds, and those seconds tick away.

The team is behind by a couple, they need something, and you — only you, no one else — can provide it, because you are the player who holds the fate of the game in your hands.

So you score a try, or kick a goal, or kick a field goal, and the battle is over because the war is won. You did it. You are a legend, a champion, a hero.

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