Alleged rape: Hussein Abdool Rahim arrested in a cell for at least a week


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It has been the subject of several complaints. Among them is a French woman who requested the intervention of an investigator from the Central Department for Criminal Investigation in 2019 due to an alleged case of rape, extortion and fraud.

After receiving information about the current address of Hussein Abdool Rahim, the police came to the latter today, Tuesday, October 19.

This whole affair goes back to a French visit to Mauritius on vacation in November 2018.

She met Hussein Abdool Rahim, one of the main protagonists of the Yerrigadoo Gate affair, who offered to help her. She appreciates this little gesture and confidently gives him her phone number and Facebook account. Hussein Abdool Rahim acts as a guide and takes him on a visit to the island. Except that the tourist did not even imagine that this friendship would turn into a sea if the director in question falsely represented another person in order to blackmail him.

According to the complainant, she was even forced to meet an alleged stranger for sex in the dark before she quickly realized that she was none other than Hussein Abdool Rahim.

Arrested for rape on Tuesday, October 19, Hussein Abdool Rahim encountered a police complaint over his release before the Pamplemousses District Court. He will suddenly remain in custody, and his next appearance is scheduled for next Tuesday.

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