A white teacher in Texas loses his job after a student recorded it using an “N-word” in class


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General Motors furniture donated to Cody High School. Courtesy of green standards

  • One white teacher in Texas resigned after a video leaked in which he used an “N-word” in class.

  • Norman Grueneich, who taught theatrical art, can be heard asking why there is no white history month.

  • He went on to ask his students why he couldn’t pronounce the “N-word” on his own.

A white teacher from the Houston area resigned on Wednesday after a student made a video of him using an “N-word” during a discussion and asked him why he could not use that word, according to KHOU.

A theater teacher, identified as Norman Grueneich, worked at Klein Collins High School, not far from Houston, Texas.

“Why do the guys in my class say,‘ Man, you’re crazy, ’Grueneich can be heard on the tape.” Why do they say that? And why is it because I’m white, I can’t say? “

Grueneich can also be heard on the recording asking why there is no white history month and pointed to the treatment of some Irish people.

“Why don’t we have a white history month that talks about what the Irish have gone through?” Grueneich said. “Because we’re white, and that’s a white privilege, isn’t it? I’m saying that.”

The independent school district of Klein confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that the teacher no longer works at the school, according to the KHOU.

“At Klein ISD, we pride ourselves on our ability to create safe spaces for every child in our schools,” the statement said. “This former employee didn’t do it and is no longer employed at Klein ISD.”

The school district further apologized for the incident and said Grueneich’s actions were still being investigated.

“Every child deserves to feel safe and have a positive learning experience at school,” they say in the school district. “We are deeply sorry that this former employee did not do this for our students.”

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