A mobile company accused of taking money from a dead woman


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CHIPLEY, Florida (WMBB) – A woman from Caryville claims Cricket Wireless continues to collect payments to her sister’s cell phone account after her sister died.

Sherry Bryant has been a Cricket Wireless network user for eight years, but has now said she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the company.

Bryant’s twin sister Shelley, who was also a cricket client, died two months ago. Shelley has authorized Cricket to automatically withdraw monthly payments from her checking account.

Shelley died Aug. 6, and Cricket withdrew the payment on Aug. 10. The second payment was made on September 13.

“Her bank account is now in a hole that can’t be closed because the money has to be returned to the bank account before it can be closed, the bank can’t stop recurring payments because the cricket contract is wireless,” Bryant said.

To complicate matters, Bryant said Shelley lost her phone in June and that the account somehow ended up with a different name and a new password.

Bryant said Cricket wouldn’t let them get a new phone, so Shelley added to her account. However, Bryant claims that Cricket continued to charge Shelley’s bank account despite unexplained account changes.

“Cricket Wireless refuses to do anything to help me stop recurring payments,” Bryant said. “They ask her for a PIN when I give it to them, they tell me it’s not working, and the security issue won’t work and there’s nothing I can do to stop recurring payments.”

She claims the Cricket store in Chipley tells her to call the corporation and then the corporation tells her to go to the local store.

“I physically went to the bank to try to close the account, I took her death certificate to a cricket shop in Chipley and I just can’t get any help from either their cricket customer service, or the corporate office, or the store in Chipley,” he said. is Bryant.

Bryant claims the cricket store manager refuses to help her.

“She threatened to have the sheriff’s department physically remove me from her store, banned my shop, the last two times I was there on Monday and in September she told me she refused to help me and would remove me from her shop,” Bryant said.

At this point, Bryant said it wasn’t about the money. She said she just wanted to finish cricket.

“Eventually I can repay that bank account and close it, but there will be another recurring payment coming from cricket 10. and I’m trying to stop that – to get another payment coming from that account,” Bryant said.

News 13 stopped by the Cricket store in Chipley on Wednesday for an interview and they turned her down.

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