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It’s been a little over a year since I founded the company, and I’ve learned something new about entrepreneurship every day.

The appreciation of other entrepreneurs rose sharply at the time. Many entrepreneurs were difficult because of the crown. Entrepreneurship is a continuous business without holidays and free time. You must be prepared to respond to email 24 hours a day or you will lose the project (experience with deep breasts).

I was prepared for the seriousness of entrepreneurship, but the special situation brought about by the crown particularly emphasized how hard work it took to try.

Until a year ago, my vision was not to focus exclusively on language services, but as a result of new customers, mistakes I made and situations in the world, my business developed strongly in the direction of language services.

Entrepreneurship was a school, and now I’m slowly starting to tackle it. I am very grateful to all my clients who dared to give me, a new entrepreneur, the opportunity to show my nails.

I hope for the same courage for others who started from scratch and got up as a result of hard work. All the companies had that first, brave customer who dared to give it a try.

You are brave, contact us if you need language services!


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