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In Morocco, Edith Wharton

12 best books to read about Morocco

The 12 best reading books about Morocco is a hand-compiled list of selections of our best reading books before you visit Morocco. These best books to read before you visit Morocco offer an insight into the history, culture and tradition of the country. Preparing an exciting reading list of Moroccan books ranging from history to fiction and fiction, as well as design and decoration is part of the holiday planning process.

To better understand the Moroccan tradition, take time before traveling to read, listen to Moroccan music, and watch Moroccan movies. From Galvin Maxwell’s report on the rise and fall of the Glaoui House to Tahir Shah’s story of his family’s relocation to Casablanca and Paul Bowles, the Spider House weaving a web through the ancient medina of Fez, our Morocco reading list is a must for your Moroccan adventure.

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In Morocco – Edith Wharton

Morocco It was – by Water Harris

For-Bread-Alone-Mohammed Choukri-Morocco-Travel-Blog
Mohamed Choukri For the bread itself

I’m for bread – Mohammed Choukri

In Arabian Nights, by Tahir Shah

In Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams – by Tahir Shah

Masters of the Atlas: The Rise and Fall of Glaou’s House – Gavin Maxwell

The Last Narrators: Stories from the Heart of Morocco – by Richard Hamilton

Caliph’s House: A Year in Casablanca – Written by Tahir Shah

Paul Bowles, Spider House

Spider House – Paul Bowles

Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem – Author: Fatima Mernissi

Sand child – Tahar Ben Jelloun

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